At West Coast Computer Works, we provide technology services and support to a wide array of clients with a variety of specific needs. In each case, they show us their needs and we provide them with a well designed and cost effective solution.


Residential PC / Business Workstation

Whether working in an office or enjoying Facebook at home,  Individual computers should be kept clean and up to date. We have managed hundreds of individual workstations, maintaining their security and providing proactive maintenance to keep them reliable. We offer remote support, managed antivirus and backup and hardware monitoring to protect your investments and your data.



Specialty / Single Use Systems

For many years now, our technicians have provided contracted on-site support services to dozens of corporations in support of their products. Here are a few examples of the companies that we have supported.

Dell Inc.

Sony Electronics

Google Inc.

Costco Inc.



Our service agreements have also found us supporting these specialty food service clients.

Jamba Juice, Starbucks Coffee, Chili's Restaurants,  


Healthcare Computer Systems


Healthcare / Hospitals

We have provided HIPPA Compliant services to - 

Physicians Homes & Offices

Home Health Agencies

Mental Health Centers

Dental & Orthodontists Offices

Counseling Centers

As well as server replacements at Several Local Area Hospitals.



Government Agencies

US Marshals Offices

Social Security Administration

HUD Administration

US National Forrest Service

Federal Trade Commission



Servers and Business Networks


From Physician and Dental offices to Real Estate and Law Firms, our technicians provide services to business of all types all over the Southern California.