Member Services


For the past 10 years our technicians have partnered with businesses and residents of Southern California by providing them with our proactive approach to computer service. For the cost of a 15 minute technical service call per month, per machine, our members computers can be connected directly to our secure network servers. These machines are then monitored 24/ 7 and report to us any errors or issues that need attention. Our technicians schedule updates, backups and manage antivirus directly from our offices. Client members in need of additional assistance can reach out to our technicians directly for immediate remote support or to schedule additional projects and training. Time-consuming projects are billed at an additional rate, and included 20% members discount. Issues that cannot be resolved remotely are scheduled with the end-user for an on-site visit with one of our computer works certified technicians.


Monthly Monitoring - Software Maintenance - Computer Training

Remote Support - Quick Response Times - Small Issue Resolution


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